explores the space between abstraction and reality, from the present to near and far futures.


The Age of...?

 Process Exhibition at Form/Design Center Malmö

The Age of.


Chapter II

Volvo Studio Stockholm
Jussi Björlings allé 5, 111 47 Stockholm

03.02.20 - 09.02.20

The exhibition The Age of. unfolds during Stockholm Design Week 2020 and consists of three parts:
The Age of Humans, The Age of Consciousness and The Age of Entanglements. Click here to see our events.

The Age of Humans
The Age of Humans sets the scene, narrating the background to the times we currently live in:

Modern Western culture that predominantly view humans as separate from nature, providing us with a false sense of justification to ignorantly exploit and consume other species and the planet.

Although we have only been around for a sliver of time in Earth’s 4.6-billion-year history, our impact has been instrumental in the modification and environmental damage to water sources, land and biodiversity and marine life.
The Age of Consciousness
The Age of Consciousness, presents a near future vision, in pursuit of a new design landscape, where nurture nature, nature made and ecological models underpins a conscious, symbiotic ecology. Design is equally both the creation and destruction of life.  We know, it is not enough to just design without conscious forethought. By borrowing life’s blueprints, only then, can we develop regenerative and restorative systems where luxury is no longer about creating excess, but reducing it.
The Age of Entanglements
The Age of Entanglements showchases the projects of eight international design studios who have been working with the planet of Mars as a projection plane for critique and speculation, questioning Is it easier to imagine life on Mars than to take care of life on Earth?

The Age of Entanglements offer alternative stories from space and Mars. Stories of messy colonial pasts, of the human body as a garden or as a multispecies being, stories of nonhuman alter-terrestrial life and stories told from the perspectives of a lichen, a space coral or an extreme bacterium.

The Age of. is produced by non:agency with funding from Kulturbryggan,Sparbanksstiftelsen and Volvo Studio Stockholm, with support from our partners edit, Tove Alderin Studio, RIAS, The French Institute, Simon Nilsson & Gustaf Montelius, Alessia Signorelli, Catarina Santos & Freja Emilie Kræmmer.
The agents:
Mariah Wright (USA), Cathrine Disney (UK), Nonhuman Nonsense (SE), Pleoforma (USA), Thomas Pausz (FR), Frederik Deschuytter (BE) & Pleun van Dijk (NL), Wang & Söderström (SE), Agi Haines (UK) & Nicholas Tamas (USA)

The brands:
Seed Health (USA), Bolt Threads x Stella McCartney (USA), Convivial Project (DE), OS and OOS (NL), Granby Workshop (UK), Kim Markel (USA)
Jenny Lee & Petra Lilja

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